1-daytee is on the move!

Hey 1-daytee buffs,

After a great run and loads of amazing t-shirt deals we’ve made the executive decision to merge 1-daytee with the 1-day website.

Panic not; our sales team is still scouring the globe for insane deals on top notch branded tees for you. The only difference is you’ll now need to visit our main site www.1-day.co.nz to get your mitts on our tees

We can’t say exactly when or what brand of tees will be making an appearance on 1-day, but stay tuned as we have some pretty sweet t-shirt deals in the pipeline, just in time for spring/summer.

Last but not least, we want to say a massive thanks to our loyal 1-daytee customers! We really appreciate your support – and don’t worry 1-day remains as strong (and better) than ever, we have plenty of exciting developments on the go – including our first cab off the rank www.knucklebone.co.nz.


The 1-day team